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If you want to do something, there is no alternative to getting involved.

Join others already doing good work.

Support others doing good work with your time, skills and money.

Start your own initiative wherever you live.

get involved with vishvakarma

work with vishvakarma where you live.

do a project with vishvakarma

volunteer with vishvakarma

act as a voice for vishvakarma

give to vishvakarma’s efforts

financially support at least one vishvakarma project every year.

pledge and give 1-5 % of your income (if you can spare it) annually towards helping others including some of vishvakarma’s projects.

please contact us for more information and for various ways of getting involved.

board of trustees

BS Rajaram

Kannan Kasturi

Murthy Sudhakar

registered office

1373 24th MAIN, BSK 2nd Stage

Bengaluru 560 070


andhra pradesh office

P Balnarasimha (Telugu only)

Door No. 3-14, Muktapur Post

Pochampalle Mandal

Nalgonda District, AP 508 685



  1. is a public charitable trust registered in Karnataka.

  2. all donations to vishvakarma are tax exempt from income tax under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961.

  3. at present, vishvakarma can accept donations only from India citizens- NRIs or residents of India- in Indian currency only.

  4. vishvakarma accepts donations from individuals only and not from foundations or corporations.

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economy of permanence - A quest for social order based on non-violence: JC Kumarappa; Published by Sarva Seva Sangh Prakashan, Varanasi, India

small is beautiful - Economics as if People Mattered: EF Schumacher

dilemmas in agriculture - A personal story: Gorrepatti Narendranath: Published by Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam Publication (P) Ltd., Delhi, India

valuing the earth - Economics, Ecology & Ethics: Edited by Herman E. Daly & Kenneth N. Townsend

the party is over - Oil, War & the Fate of Industrial Societies: Richard Heinberg

one world - The Ethics of Globalization: Peter Singer

soil & health - A Study of Organic Agriculture: Albert Howard

what every environmentalist needs to know about capitalism - A Citizen’s Guide to Capitalism & the Environment: Fred Magdoff & John Bellamy Foster

food first - Beyond the Myth of Scarcity: Francis Moore Lappe & Joseph Collins

everybody loves a good drought - stories from India’s poorest districts: P Sainath. A Penguin publication.

bapu kuti - Journeys in Rediscovery of Gandhi: Rajni Bakshi. A Penguin publication

the one straw revolution - An Introduction to Natural Farming: Masanobu Fukuoka